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sur le rendement du concasseur

A 12-month study of crusher throughput as a comparative measure of fragmentation, conducted by the University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa, Ghana.[1]

Production of boulders had been on the increase and was affecting the mine's ability to increase its throughput to meet the demands of a competitive mining environment. Management therefore decided to acquire the VARISTEM® Blasting Plugs to improve the quality of stemming hence better fragmentation. This project set out to study from fragments results of the Crusher throughput as a comparative measure of the quality of fragmentation using the VARISTEM® Blasting plug as against conventional stemming.

  • Good fragmentation was achieved in hard rock zones when VARISTEM® Plugs were used in stemming blastholes.
  • The excavation of material blasted using VARISTEM® Plugs was easier.

  • VARISTEM® Blasting Stemming Plugs gave better fragmentation in hard rock zones.
  • The average crusher throughput achieved with Conventional Stemming and VARISTEM® Blasting Plugs were 410.45t/hr. & 466.09t/hr respectively.
  • The average increase in throughput was 13.56 % when VARISTEM® Blasting Plugs were used in stemming Blastholes as compared to the Conventional Stemming.