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Feedback clients

Feedback clients

We do close proximity blasting in subdivisions of Million Dollar Homes. Using VARISTEM Plugs we have a more controlled blast with no flyrock and less air blast. With VARISTEM we have energy containment that allows us sculpture blasting of back walls and basement floors to grade. VARISTEM Plugs reduced our drilling and blasting costs. Bottom Line -- They pay for themselves.
-- Bert Thomas, Blue Granite Blasting, Inc.

VARISTEM Plugs were tested at our granite surface mine in Oklahoma. MOCAP, Inc. offered Free Trial Samples for the test. We used the VARISTEM Plugs in half (1/2) the shot pattern with a very noticeable increase in fragmentation. More test shots followed. The end results confirmed reduced course material in the top portion of the blast column and an overall 7 to 12 % increase in 12" minus material.
-- Oklahoma Granite Quarry

Using VARISTEM Plugs we have a more controlled blast with no flyrock and less air blast. Using VARISTEM we increased our drilling pattern with very good fragmentation and reduced our drilling costs.
-- Diego Calderon, ASINESA

The VARISTEM Plugs are working very well and quite a few of the quarry owner's have requested we use them again in their quarry.
-- Ireland Blasting Contractor

Before using VARISTEM, each hole was charged high to try to break up the cap rock, and on some occasions the emulsion/ANFO mix would gas up to high. Now that we are using VARISTEM, we are achieving good fragmentation of a 5 foot thick cap rock layer using the BP-3.5 plug in a 90mm borehole. With VARISTEM, the explosives can be left deeper down inside the borehole with an air deck/gap between the explosives and the plug, reducing our explosives costs. Using VARISTEM has also stopped stemming ejection from the borehole.
-- Ireland Limestone Quarry

Testing full shots with the VARISTEM Plugs in a 115mm drill hole, we reduced our stemming height from 3 meters to 2.2 meters. We found increased horizontal throw, indicating blast containment. We also noted no fly rock, and very little oversized in the top of the muck pile.
-- South Africa Limestone Quarry

Feedback clients -- Effets des bouchons de sablage
Keeping the same pattern in 130mm boreholes, we decreased our stemming height from 2.4 meters to 2.2 meters (still controlling fly rock) and increased our emulsion. Fragmentation in the top flitch is much better. Higher rates of digging, plus better wear rates on bucket teeth and reduced crusher maintenance. “Our client has also noted improved fragmentation and increased fines as a result of using VARISTEM.”
-- Ghana Gold Mine Blasting Contractor

We found VARISTEM Plugs have been a helpful tool when confronted with cap rock situations. It has allowed us to come up the borehole 1 to 3 ft. more before stemming, resulting in better fragmentation of the cap rock.
-- APAC-Arkansas, Inc.

We have been able to bring our explosives loading further up the hole and have been able to break the cap rock, without fly rock. VARISTEM has greatly assisted us in our overall blasting work.
-- Arawak Cement Company Ltd. Arawak Cement Company Ltd.

Feedback clients - version anglaise

Your product does everything it claims and then some. We were able to bring our explosives further up the column and help reduce cap rock size without any fly rock. Very, very, hard rock.
-- Atlas Alaska, Inc.

We have used the 3" (BP-3) VARISTEM Plugs at our Brushy Creek Mine for several years. They work very well for plugging the tops and bottoms of the blast holes in our application.
-- Doe Run, Brushy Creek Mine

I often blast in tight or delicate situations with the smallest possible loads. The VARISTEM Plugs have made what were once questionable shots almost a sure bet to break the rock needed. It really cuts back the air blast and venting out the hole.
-- DTAX Company

We like using the VARISTEM Plugs in our rural locations. Along with the easy installation, they help keep down the air blast and fly rock.
-- Hamm Quarries

The first test shot I did using VARISTEM Plugs sold my crew and I on them. They are easier and faster to get into the blast hole, plus they seem to hold the energy in the hole better. My crew and I like them the best of any plugs we have used so far.
-- Hilltop Energy Inc. Hilltop Energy Inc.

After using the VARISTEM Plugs for 2 years we have better fragmentation of limestone rock formation, and less boulders. We have seams in limestone and have had trouble with boulders. We hold the VARISTEM Plug up about one-foot for air space above the ANFO. It does a very good job fragmenting rock. Less time with stir pile speeding up our operation.
-- Labette County Kansas Highway Department

We use VARISTEM to improve stemming on horizontal hole blasting. It is convenient and improves blast yield.
-- Lime & Lime Products

In Puerto Rico we get a lot of rain. I have found that VARISTEM helps to keep water from getting into the holes, plus the fact that it reduces fly rock and air blast.
-- Master Aggregates

We have had occasion to blast close to residential homes. We used the VARISTEM Plugs and dropped the stemming down another foot to ensure there would be no possibility of any fly rock. We found the plugs fast and easy to use. The blasts went off well and just humped up, with just some rock going up a few feet. They are inexpensive insurance against fly rock in critical areas, or when it is not possible to stem deeper.
-- Pete Lien & Sons, Inc. Pete Lien & Sons, Inc.